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Advanced Search

The Advanced Search Screen feature is available with the Small Business Pack, Corporate Pack, and Enterprise Pack versions of Connect Daily. The Advanced Search Screen allows you to search for multiple criteria at once.

For example, you can select the Avalanche Calendar, and the Nuggets calendar, and see the two calendars combined into one view. You could also add as a Resource the Pepsi Center. This would restrict the view to show only games from those two calendars that were held at the Pepsi Center.

Using this screen, you can filter or combine calendars based on:

For each of these, a mover is available to let you select the items.

When you pick events from one category (Calendar, Event Type, or Resource), any events matching the selections for that category are displayed. For example, I pick Event Types of concert and game. Any events of either of those two types will be displayed.

If you set options for more than one category, like Calendar and Event Type, then an event must be on one of the selected calendars, and must match one of the selected event types to display. You can open or close the category selection area by clicking on the up or down arrow.

You can also restrict the events that appear by specifying a date range or search text that events must match to be displayed.

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